Technical Physics 1, Taught by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.

Contents: Syllabus, Course Outcomes, Course Hand-Outs, Powerpoint Presentations, Homework Assignments, and Test Dates.

Office Hours by Appointment (Valhalla Office Location: Sci., Rm. 354)

email Robert Chuckrow: rc23 at sunywcc dot edu

Course Text: Paul Tippens, Physics, Publisher: McGraw Hill/Glencoe, 7th Edition.

Course Evaluation Instructions. Note: The last date to submit your course evaluation is Monday, April 20th.

Course Syllabus (Revised 2/22/15) with Homework Assignments

Calendar with Test Dates (Updated on 2/22/15)

Course Outcomes

Handouts (pdf Format)

Homework Solutions (pdf Format)

PowerPoint Presentations

Problem Sets

Links to Associated Videos

Highlights Sheets (Test Study Sheets). Each will be posted below at least one week before its corresponding test.

Test Dates and Topics (Updated on 2/27/15).

Suggestions for Taking Physics Tests.


Physics Tutoring Schedule (pdf) (located in Tech G37)

WCC Valhalla Campus Map and Key (pdf format) (from last spring)

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