Technical Physics 1, Taught by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.

Contents: Syllabus, Course Outcomes, Course Hand-Outs, Powerpoint Presentations, Homework Assignments, and Test Dates.

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Course Text: Paul Tippens, Physics, Publisher: McGraw Hill/Glencoe, 7th Edition.

Course Syllabus (Tentative) with Homework Assignments

Calendar with Test Dates (Updated on 1/15/15)

Course Outcomes

• Hand-Outs (pdf Format)

How To Study Physics
Philosophy of Science
Work, Kinetic Energy, and Potential Energy

• PowerPoint Presentations

Scientific Method
Science of Motion
Energy and its Conservation

• Problem Sets

Newton’s Laws H.W. Sheet
Energy Questions
Additional Energy Questions with Answers

Links to Associated Videos

• Highlights Sheets (Test Study Sheets). Each will be posted below at least one week before its corresponding test.

Test Dates and Topics (Updated on 1/20/15).


WCC Valhalla Campus Map and Key (pdf format) (from last spring)

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