Physical Science Explorations, Taught by Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D.

Contents: Syllabus, Course Outcomes, Course Hand-Outs, Powerpoint Presentations, Homework Assignments, and Test Dates.

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Course Text: Hewitt, Suchocki, and Hewitt, Conceptual Physical Science Explorations, Addison Wesley, NY, 2nd Edition, ISBN 0-321-56791-9.

Course Syllabus (Tentative) with Homework Assignments (Updated on 2/8/14)

Calendar with Test Dates (Updated on 2/8/14)

Course Outcomes

• Hand-Outs (pdf Format)

How To Study Physics
Philosophy of Science
Work, Kinetic Energy, and Potential Energy
Atomic Structure
Modes of a Vibrating String
Sound Terms
The Solar System
Mirror Ray Diagrams

• PowerPoint Presentations

Scientific Method
Use of Science in Advertising
Science of Motion
Energy and its Conservation
The Atom and its Structure
Vibrations and Waves
Continental Drift
Plate Tectonics
Reflection from Plane and Convex Mirrors
Global Warming Basics
Global Warming Effects

• Problem Sets

Questions on Scientific Method H.W.
Pseudoscience Worksheet
Newton’s Laws H.W. Sheet
Gravitation Questions with Answers
Energy Questions
Additional Energy Questions with Answers
Gravitation, Energy, Atomic Structure Study Sheet
Mirror Ray In-Class Exercise


• Highlights Sheets (Test Study Sheets) Some are from the prior semester. Each will be updated at least one week before its corresponding test.

Highlights Sheet for Test 1 on 2/24/14.
Highlights Sheet for Test 2 on 3/24/14.
Highlights Sheet for Test 3 on 4/21/14.
Course Highlights for Final Exam on 5/12/14.

Test Dates and Topics (Updated on 2/8/14)


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